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Elizabeth College Junior School (ECJS) and the Upper School work in tandem to offer your child an education which emphasises the best of traditional Christian values while embracing the latest educational advances.

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Principal P_002I am hugely proud of this unique and vibrant place. It is a school full of local character with a fascinating history and great tradition of scholarship. Yet whereas many schools have fallen slave to plain academic ambition in recent times, Elizabeth College shows us clearly that such achievement does not have to be won at the expense of a broader education. Yes, we take enormous pride in our superb examination results at GCSE and A level every year, but we are equally determined that our pupils live happy, fulfilling and stimulating lives through taking part in all the other activity we have to offer. Whether it is sport, the CCF, the Duke of Edinburgh programme, music, drama, or any one of a multitude of clubs and societies, we make it our priority to get all pupils involved in such pursuits to complement their studies, develop their confidence and give them that wonderful feeling of ‘esprit de corps’ which comes with such involvement.

The College has a great tradition of service to Guernsey and the positions of many Old Elizabethans in the Bailiwick bear clear testimony to that. Whilst our island home defines much of what we are, we also feel that it is our duty to broaden the horizons of our young men and women and make them aware of what the UK and rest of the world has to offer; over 100 off-island trips and expeditions a year provides clear evidence of that!

I am also delighted to continue the great tradition of inclusivity at this school. Throughout our history we have welcomed pupils from all walks of life and with a great range of individual gifts and talents. Our ‘excellent’ pastoral care (ISI report Oct 2015) and house system ensure that all pupils feel valued and welcome within the school.

Being conscious of our amazing heritage, we operate in a fairly traditional way; not stuffy or overly formal – but disciplined, organised and respectful. Pupils are expected to be smart and courteous, with the traditional Christian values of compassion and respect forming the basis of our community. We want our pupils to feel proud of the College and enriched by their experiences here, making them smile when, subsequently, they recollect their days at school.

So the active promotion of scholarship, the development of character through involvement, the broadening of horizons, the reinforcement of Christian values and good manners: these aims are not new to Elizabeth College but ones we continue to emphasise, hence the school motto ‘Semper Eadem’; always the same.
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This site can provide only a brief introduction to our school. We hope very much that it will encourage you to visit Elizabeth College in operation. The pupils, staff and I look forward to welcoming you.

George Hartley – Principal

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Walton, Jim JF8320S_BW_6072 Welcome from Jim Walton – Headteacher of Elizabeth College Junior School.

I am delighted to welcome you to Elizabeth College Junior School. Appreciating that happy children achieve helps us all to focus on what is most important in the early years of the educational experience for all pupils. I could write about the strengths of our pastoral care systems or academic excellence, but the truth is that children are happy if they make friends at school and if they are treated and treat each other with kindness and compassion. My message to parents, staff and pupils at the beginning of term is always to aim high, be kind and be brave.

But what do the children learn at Elizabeth College Junior School? In years gone by the 3 Rs were in demand from future employers and universities, yet in the 21st Century, resilience, teamwork and communication top the list of desirable attributes. These are the key skills that we aim to develop at Elizabeth College Junior School alongside a love of learning in all its forms.

In aiming high, we seek to ensure that any future successes or happiness, any achievements where children have exceeded their expectations, are because of their time at Elizabeth College Junior School and not in spite of it. The joy of teaching is that all children are different; our challenge is to create an environment in which success for the individual is inevitable.

Article from Prep School Magazine – with Jim Walton

Jim Walton – Headteacher, ECJS

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