Staff Lists

Elizabeth College Junior School (ECJS) and the Upper School work in tandem to offer your child an education which emphasises the best of traditional Christian values while embracing the latest educational advances.

Beechwood Staff

Richard Fyfe                      Headteacher

Liz Bott                               Deputy Headteacher Pastoral

Liz Brooker                         Deputy Headteacher Academic

Angela Pollard                   Yr 6 Class teacher

Peter Sargent                      Yr 6 Class teacher, Head of PE, Yr 5 & 6 Phase Leader

Kate Reed                            Yr 5 Class teacher

Nicola Stevens                    Yr 5 Class teacher

Shelagh Crittell                  Yr 4 Class teacher

Jo Ricketts                           Yr 4 Class teacher

Nicola Bourne                     Yr 4 Class teacher

Deb McLaughlin                 Yr 3 Class teacher

Elizabeth Parkes                 Yr 3 Class teacher

Richard Sutton                    Head of Music

Barbara Santi                       Part time teacher

Sian Ellis                               Part time teacher

Michelle Brady                    Head of Learning Support, Yr 3 & 4 Phase Leader

Carry Wray                           Learning Support Teacher

Clare Herve                          Learning Support Teacher

Sally Inderwick                    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Gill Cotran                            Teaching Assistant

Alison Mackay                     Teaching Assistant

Scott Ferbrache                   Teaching Assistant

Indy Gallagher                     Gap Year Student

Matt Sirett                            IT Support

Beth Pybus                           Headteacher’s Secretary

David Randall                      Caretaker and Special Constable

Acorn House Staff          

Jo Atkinson                         Deputy Headteacher

Joanna Hamilton               Yr 2 Class teacher, Yr 1 & 2 Phase Leader

Cleo Martel                          Yr 2 Class teacher

Lisa Du Port                         Yr 1 Class teacher

Clare Bowden                      Yr 1 Class teacher

Rebecca Curtis                    Reception Class teacher

Emily Jones                         Reception Class teacher, EYFS Phase Leader

Sue Orton                             Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Patricia Agnelli                    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Sue Brehaut                          Teaching Assistant

Hilary Smart                         Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Lindsay Gourley                   Teaching Assistant

Lorna Scott                            Teaching Assistant

Nicola Way                            Teaching Assistant

Anna Newman                      Teaching Assistant

Lori Baker                              Secretary

Shaun Bennett                      Caretaker

Acorn House Pre-School Staff

Anne Liu                                Curriculum Leader

Karen Renouf                        Deputy Curriculum Leader/ Room Leader

Sarah Ellis                              Pre-School Practitioner /Room Leader

Alison Long                           Pre-School Practitioner/ Room Leader

Becky Clarke                         Pre-School Practitioner

Charlotte Frost                     Pre-School Practitioner

Hannah Dorrity                   Pre-School Practitioner

Claire Masterton                 Pre-School Practitioner

Louise George                      Pre-School Practitioner

Anna Prevel                          Pre-School Practitioner

Sarah Parsons                      Part time Pre-School Practitioner

Jane King                              Secretary

Catering Staff

Nathan Smith                      Chef/Manager

Michelle Cox                        Chef

Kirsty Page                           Chef

Jane Hutchinson                Catering Assistant

Anne Leivars                       Catering Assistant

Julie Man                             Catering Assistant

Judi Prevel                          Catering Assistant

Claire Eborall                      Catering Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Andrea Bougourd               Catering Assistant

Lorraine Davis                    Catering Assistant

Natalie Thoumine              Catering Assistant

Gill Sunderland                  Lunchtime Supervisor

Donna Gaudion                  Lunchtime Supervisor