Staff Lists

Elizabeth College, and the Junior School and Pre-School work in tandem to offer your child an education which emphasises the best of traditional Christian values while embracing the latest educational advances.

Senior Leadership Team


Teaching Staff 


Teaching Assistants & Technicians

  • Chris Bennalick

    Chris Bennalick

  • Joanne Byrne

    Joanne Byrne

    Biology Technician
  • Philip Carre

    Philip Carre

    Physics Technician
  • Alexander Doherty

    Alexander Doherty

    Fencing Coach
  • Rose El Mettouri

    Rose El Mettouri

    Lunchtime Supervisor, Lost Property Supervisor
  • Sara Gaudion

    Sara Gaudion

    Cover Supervisor, Music Administration Assistant
  • Peter Graysmith

    Peter Graysmith

  • Peter Jory

    Peter Jory

    Shooting Coach/ Master in Charge of Shooting
  • Benjamin Lambert Martin-Roche

    Benjamin Lambert Martin-Roche

    MFL Assistant, French
  • Richard Le Page

    Richard Le Page

    Shooting Coach
  • Maria Lozano-Garcia

    Maria Lozano-Garcia

    MFL Assistant (Spanish)
  • Ulrike Maisch

    Ulrike Maisch

    MFL Assistant, German
  • Rachel Merrien

    Rachel Merrien

    PE & Games
  • Matthew Norman

    Matthew Norman

    Design & Technology Technician
  • Casey-Joe Rumens

    Casey-Joe Rumens

    Chapel Choir Director
  • Louise Stephens

    Louise Stephens

    Art Technician
  • Katrina Thompson

    Katrina Thompson

    Chemistry Technician
  • Eulalia White

    Eulalia White

    Lunchtime Supervisor



  • Sandra Beaton

    Sandra Beaton

    Principal's PA
  • Chris Bullock

    Chris Bullock

    IT Helpdesk Engineer
  • Sandra Burton

    Sandra Burton

    Accounts Administrator
  • Katey Cheshire

    Katey Cheshire

    Marketing Assistant (Maternity Cover)
  • Jennie Doucy

    Jennie Doucy

    Marketing Assistant (Maternity Leave)
  • Lauren Falla

    Lauren Falla

    HR Coordinator
  • Nikki Fallaize

    Nikki Fallaize

    IT Helpdesk Engineer
  • Kate Garnett

    Kate Garnett

    Librarian, School Counsellor (In Training)
  • Charlotte Glen

    Charlotte Glen

    School Receptionist
  • Roz Harris

    Roz Harris

    Assistant Librarian
  • Maya Herquin

    Maya Herquin

    IT Admin Assistant and Trips Support
  • Rachel Ingrouille

    Rachel Ingrouille

    Accounts Administrator
  • Joe Langlois

    Joe Langlois

    IT Manager
  • Sam Potter

    Sam Potter

    Principal's PA (In Training)
  • Cheryl Roussel

    Cheryl Roussel

    School Secretary
  • Katie Sebire

    Katie Sebire

    Vice-Principal's PA & Academic Secretary
  • Katie Wallen

    Katie Wallen

    Finance Bursar
  • Ros Willard

    Ros Willard

    Bursar's Secretary
  • Jeremy Wilen

    Jeremy Wilen

    CCF, SSI
  • Sara Wright

    Sara Wright

    Foundation & Alumni Assistant


Estates & Maintenance

  • Claire Eborall

    Claire Eborall

    Cleaning Team
  • Susan Eborall

    Susan Eborall

    Cleaning Team
  • Anete Gadzane

    Anete Gadzane

    Cleaning Team
  • Dzintars Gadzane

    Dzintars Gadzane

    Cleaning Team
  • Philip Girard

    Philip Girard

    Maintenance Team
  • Lee Le Blancq

    Lee Le Blancq

  • Ana Luisa Lira Da Silva

    Ana Luisa Lira Da Silva

    Cleaning Team
  • Julian Morris

    Julian Morris

  • Bruno Neves

    Bruno Neves

    Maintenance Team
  • David Power

    David Power

  • Philip Roussel

    Philip Roussel

    Head Groundsperson
  • Marite Sembele

    Marite Sembele

    Cleaning Team
  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Maintenance Team
  • Carl Thomson

    Carl Thomson

    Caretaker, Cleaning Team
  • Martin Warner-Green

    Martin Warner-Green

    Estates Manager
  • Nick Windsor

    Nick Windsor




  • Silvia Bannier

    Silvia Bannier

    Catering Assistant
  • Susan Bartram

    Susan Bartram

    Catering Assistant
  • Nadine Clarke

    Nadine Clarke

    Catering Assistant
  • John Fleming

    John Fleming

    Chef Manager
  • Ashraf Halawa

    Ashraf Halawa

  • Trudy Le Gallic

    Trudy Le Gallic

    Catering Assistant
  • Jacqueline Roussel

    Jacqueline Roussel

    Catering Assistant
  • Alison Worman

    Alison Worman

    Catering Assistant