Junior School Curriculum

The tabs below will allow you to find out information about the curriculum across the whole of Elizabeth College Junior School as well as more specific details of teaching arrangements at Acorn House and Beechwood:

Ph_js_gen_201408The Junior School curriculum is designed to encompass a wide range of experiences. We aim to offer every child the best possible opportunity to learn and develop in safe and caring surroundings. Dedicated, experienced staff work hard to ensure that every child’s experience is varied, balanced and matched to their individual needs. Our wide-ranging curriculum aims to teach not only knowledge and skills, but also those dispositions, attitudes and values that we aim to foster in our children.

Children take their first steps into school life with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and this is followed in both our Pre-School and Reception classes. From Year 1, we follow the National Curriculum. All pupils access a range of subjects throughout the week. English and Mathematics are taught daily. Science; Information and Communication Technology; Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education; Religious Education; Physical Education; History; Geography; Art; Music; and Design Technology are also a part of the week’s lessons. Schemes of Work are designed collaboratively by subject coordinators to allow year on year progression. Educational visits to places of interest, concerts, rehearsals, talks and workshops all play a part in our daily life, alongside regular visits from both local and international organisations and individuals. Curriculum enrichment days occur regularly, when the timetable is suspended and the whole school comes together for a varied and different programme. All contribute to the rich experience on offer.

We aim to meet the needs of all our pupils. Those who are gifted and talented are given many opportunities, both individually and as part of a group, to extend and develop their skills. Some children benefit from individual programmes, but competitions, sporting events, concerts, clubs and activities provide an additional layer of opportunity. For children experiencing Specific Learning Difficulties, support is readily available. We aim to identify specific needs early and provide intervention via our Learning Support team.



Ph_js_gen_201419ECJS has plans and Schemes of Work for all curriculum areas. Parents are given details of Long Term Plans for the appropriate year group in September, but are always welcome to acquire further information via the class teacher. Transition between year groups is straightforward, provided pupils have made appropriate progress.

ECJS is exceptionally proud of the well-rounded individuals that move on to their Upper Schools at the end of Year 6. With the wide range of learning experiences and opportunities given to them, they leave confident and secure in their own learning to take the next step in their school career.

Acorn House is formed of the Pre-School and Pre-Preparatory departments of Elizabeth College Junior School, catering for the needs of boys and girls from 2 ½ + to 7 years. It is situated along King’s Road and linked to Beechwood via the school field.

Our thriving Pre-School offers children from 2 to 4 years a secure, friendly and happy start to their education. It consists of one Nursery group (Wrens, 2-3 years) and two Pre-Reception classes (Kingfishers, 3-4 years). The qualified, experienced staff provide children with a safe and secure learning environment. Our setting allows the staff to plan learning through activities that suit each child’s unique needs. Every child is allocated their own Keyworker, who plays a significant role in the development of the children in her care. They ensure that children progress at their own pace, whilst supporting and extending their learning experiences through the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

The Pre-Preparatory Department consists of two classes for each year group, from Reception through to Year 2. The staff are well qualified and every class is allocated a dedicated teaching assistant. The balanced curriculum offered at Acorn House allows for a smooth transition into Beechwood. All pupils have equal access to the curriculum, which consists not just of the activities and the lessons, but also the attitudes and values that the school promotes. The dispositions, which we try to foster, form a sound foundation for the future academic success of pupils. The pastoral care of the children is strong, with emphasis placed on providing a safe and happy environment in which the children can learn to live and work with others.

Ph_js_gen_201402Beechwood is the Preparatory Department of Elizabeth College Junior School; it caters for the needs of boys and girls from 7 to 11 years. It is a busy, happy school full of active children who are given every opportunity to achieve all of which they are capable.

The pastoral system within the school supports each pupil as he or she moves from Year 3 to Year 6 and each year group consists of 2 classes. Every member of staff supports and nurtures the children. Class councils and a School Council have been formed to allow pupils the opportunities to discuss ideas.

Ph_js_gen_201405Excellent facilities provide all children with a good learning environment. The ICT provision within the school is of a high specification. The school is fully networked with Interactive Smart Boards in each teaching room and a fully fitted Dyscovery and Learning Zone. Banks of laptops and iPads are available for the children to use throughout the school. Safe access to the Internet adds to the resources available for the pupils’ experience.

Art, Music and Physical Education play an important part of Beechwood life. There is a wide range of musical activities, with concerts, special services and a whole school production held throughout the year. A wide ranging Physical Education curriculum provides each child with access to a variety of disciplines. The older children are able to take part in team games, with matches played both on and off island.

Pupils are prepared for the entrance assessments for the Upper School, the Ladies College and Blanchelande and the school has achieved a 100% pass rate in recent years.

Ph_js_gen_201409Beechwood pupils have a friendly, open nature; they are happy and feel secure and develop into ‘rounded’ citizens. They are very proud of their school and are always delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and understanding.

Junior School

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Sat 17

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Y11 MFL Prelim Speaking Exams

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