Junior Extra-Curriculum

Within the Junior School we aim to educate the whole child both inside and outside of the classroom. Throughout the year enrichment activities take place across the curriculum.

Children from Years 2 to 6 are able to enjoy a variety of experiences by joining in the extra-curricular activities offered by the staff. Children in Year 2 may join in with two after-school clubs each term and children at Beechwood can join any activity open to them either during the lunch hour or before / after school.

ph_4_sewingDuring the Summer Term, we offer all the children an activity day (Acorn House) and an activity week (Beechwood). The Acorn House children all spend a day on a local beach where they enjoy a fun-filled day. The Beechwood children in Years 3 & 4 enjoy a week of on island activities. Currently, children in Year 5 travel to an activity centre, Manor Adventure, in the UK and those in Year 6 to a PGL activity centre in France.

You can find out more about the timing of different activities in our Activities Timetable.

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Acorn House Clubs

In Art Club, we use a variety of different media and tools to create interesting pieces of artwork. We love experimenting with colour; some of our work has even been shown on Channel Television.
Everyone is welcome to join in. We take part in a challenge each week to build models out of construction and recyclable materials. We have lots of fun and enjoy looking at each other’s work and saying what we like about it.
Dance club is held on a Monday afternoon for Year 2 pupils. We cover a range of dances and a variety of music which the children thoroughly enjoy. With the teacher’s help, the children put dance moves to music. At the end of each term the children get great enjoyment from performing their dance routines to the rest of the school and their parents.
In Drama Club, we conduct a series of freeze frame stories from a range of familiar texts. We use our imagination to create our own role-play scenarios.
In Music Club, the children have the opportunity to experience all the instruments that Acorn House has to offer. These range from the untuned percussion favourites such as the drums, to the delights of the numerous xylophones, ocarinas, guitars, violins and the infamous Boom Whackers.
A chance for Year 2 children to learn important skills whilst having fun! An enthusiastic little group of children are currently enjoying learning to sew as carefully as they can.
We learn some basic signs of British Sign Language (BSL) including finger spelling, the weather and simple conversation. We also look at the first stages of digital photography; taking, uploading and editing photographs using a digital camera.
Football is always a popular choice for our After School Activities. The children either play on the astro turf or the playing field practising their ball skills and promoting teamwork.

Beechwood Clubs

Boys and girls interested in playing football meet weekly after school to play small-sided games and develop their football skills, teamwork and communication.
Everyone welcome. We recently had the opportunity to take part in an exhibition at the Town Church with our “Angels” themed work. This term we are concentrating on large collaborative pieces, which will go on permanent display around the school.
Everyone is welcome to join in. We take part in all the school concerts and church services, as well as the Elizabethan Concert with the Upper School and enjoy the opportunity to sing in the community.
A select choir where everyone auditions at the start of each calendar year. This group sings in the majority of classes at the Eisteddfod and also fulfils commitments in the community at smaller events when the whole choir is too large for the space.
All instrumentalists attend which helps bring in a diverse collection of musicians and an eclectic orchestra is formed.
We have a steel pan ensemble of ten players who play music from Chariots of Fire to modern day songs. This group plays in the local community and also the Eisteddfod.
A new 20-piece band which will come into its own in the summer.
Pupils can opt to have music lessons on a one-to-one basis out of school time.
Netball Club is a lunchtime club for all of the girls in Years 5 and 6. At some point in the term, all of the girls will have the opportunity to represent ECJS Beechwood in netball matches against other schools.
Netball Club continues for the Year 5 and 6 girls to prepare them for further netball matches, tournaments and/or an off-island tour.
The Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic Club organises a series of cross country races that are open to all Primary Schools, giving our pupils a chance to compete at an Island wide level. The distance of each race will range from 1000m to 1500m and they will be run in all weathers at various locations on the island! Two races take place in this term, and another two in Lent term.
A series of three races are offered to all of the children at Beechwood. They take place after school at College Field. The first two races count towards Championship medals. The final race is a staggered start, according to the children’s Championship times, to increase competition between all levels of runners. Gold, silver and bronze medals are again awarded.
Rounders Club gives all children at Beechwood the opportunity to learn, practise and play Rounders. We encourage a fun and competitive, but relaxed, environment, as an after-school activity. Everyone is welcome.
The Guernsey Sports Commission offers our Year 3 and 4 children five sessions of Fit Club each term. The after-school club is made up of a variety of sports and skills, delivered in a fun learning environment
Open to all at Beechwood. We have a lot of fun working in the gardens, developing our digging, weeding, planting and harvesting skills. We also take part in workshops and competitions organised by Floral Guernsey.
Open to all – opportunities to try all sorts of needle work and knitting. Varied activities each term.
The children enjoy the opportunity to bring cards or other ‘collectables’ into school, comparing and exchanging them with their friends. This is a new club initiated and led by the pupils themselves.
It is not always easy to get homework done when we represent the school and island at so many different sports, so Years 5 and 6 have the opportunity to take part in a homework club at lunchtime.

Junior School

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Sat 17

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