OE Association



The Old Elizabethan Association (OEA) was established in July 1891 and currently has a membership of over 1600 former pupils and staff.

The aims of the OEA are:

  1. To further the interests of Elizabeth College;
  2. To promote mutual fellowship amongst Old Elizabethans and good feeling between past and present members of the College;
  3. To improve the amenities of the playing fields;
  4. To administer the Manchester Fund; and
  5. Any other such objects as the Association shall from time to time determine.

The Association runs an annual programme of events including well attended dinners in Guernsey and London.
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Old Elizabethan Association Awards

The Old Elizabethan Association makes OEA Awards to deserving College pupils, generally as a contribution towards the cost of off-island courses and expeditions. In the past, awards have been made to support a variety of activities ranging from British Schools’ Exploring Society expeditions to music seminars. The OEA is willing to consider applications for expeditions, adventurous training and for courses in the world of sport, the arts and academia.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

–  The ability to demonstrate some excellence in the sport or activity;
–  The candidate’s initiative, commitment and achievement;
–  A genuine reason for attending;
–  The ability to demonstrate some effort to self-fund the course;
–  Clear contribution to the personal development of the applicant; and
–  The degree to which the activity brings credit to the College.

Applicants must be currently attending Elizabeth College so the scheme is not available for gap year students.  A successful applicant will be required to submit a full report on their experiences to the OEA, suitable for publication in the Elizabethan, on their return.

The OEA would like to encourage College pupils to consider taking advantage of this valuable opportunity for personal or skill development.  We look forward to receiving applications, which will be assessed on the stated criteria as well as any input from the Principal and other College teaching staff.

Applications should be made using this fillable form or PDF form.