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The Elizabeth College Foundation exists to harness engagement and support from across the global Elizabeth College community, in pursuit of our new vision for Elizabeth College.

Since its creation in 2006, and through the generosity of its donors, the Foundation has played a vital role in supporting the College and creating life-changing educational opportunities.  We remain indebted to every one of those donors for the kindness and generosity, at every level, that they have shown.

Now we seek to enable Elizabeth College to make the transformational change required to realise this bold new vision: even more than ever before, to be a bastion of excellence and not privilege: to create global citizens of the future.

You can support Elizabeth College in a number of ways. In addition to the Elizabeth College Foundation there are three key areas where support for the school is gathered. Each area has dedicated individuals working to ensure the success of the school and achievement of its fundraising and development aims.


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