Junior School


Our approach encourages pupils to develop self-confidence and a love of learning whilst being sensitive to the feelings of others.

Elizabeth College Junior School provides an excellent all-round education for boys and girls aged 4 to 11. Our students have the best educational opportunities within a secure and caring environment and are nurtured to develop their individual talents with appropriate stretch and challenge.

The broad curriculum is complemented by excellent purpose-built teaching facilities which include art, music, cookery and science rooms, an outdoor classroom and an all-weather games surface. Our students benefit from an extensive programme of trips and visits that allows them to explore and engage with their local environment and community.

Pupils show independent learning as a result of skilled teaching. ISI Inspection Report 2021

Our academic philosophy is simple – every child is a born learner, designed to absorb knowledge and skills at a fast rate. It is our role, as a school, to foster and encourage this innate curiosity and make sure that all of the children in our care reach their full potential. We are quietly ambitious for every single one of them, encouraging a growth mindset in all pupils and ensuring that they are taught the skills and dispositions that will lead to a lifelong love of learning.



Appreciating that happy children achieve helps us all to focus on what is most important in the early years of the educational experience for all pupils. I could write about the strengths of our pastoral care systems or academic excellence, but the truth is that children are happy if they make friends at school and if they are treated and treat each other with kindness and compassion. My message to parents, staff and pupils at the beginning of term is always to aim high, be kind and be brave.

But what do the children learn at Elizabeth College Junior School? Whilst it is true that the 3 Rs remain the cornerstone of our provision, in the 21st Century, resilience, teamwork and communication top the list of desirable attributes by employers. These are key skills that we aim to develop at Elizabeth College Junior School alongside a love of learning in all its forms.

In aiming high, we seek to ensure that any future successes or happiness, any achievements where children have exceeded their expectations, are because of their time at Elizabeth College Junior School and not in spite of it. The joy of teaching is that all children are different; our challenge is to create an environment in which success for the individual is inevitable.

Richard Fyfe – Headteacher, ECJS


Prospective students and their parents are invited to visit the Junior School at any time to enable them to see the Schools in operation and meet the Headteacher together with staff. Please contact the Headteacher’s Secretary Tel: (01481) 722123 or E-mail: office@ecjs.gg

The Junior School curriculum is designed to encompass a wide range of experiences. We aim to offer every child the best possible opportunity to learn and develop in safe and caring surroundings. Dedicated, experienced staff work hard to ensure that every child’s experience is varied, balanced and matched to their individual needs.

For further details please visit the Junior School Curriculum page.