Awards and Scholarships

In addition to the new Foundation Bursary Scheme there are a number of other awards and scholarships available to students at the Elizabeth College Upper School. Application for all awards and scholarships should be submitted before trip places or courses are accepted.

  • Gibson Fleming Awards are means-tested and provide financial support for students taking part in co-curricular College activities which might otherwise be unaffordable. The  scheme is open to all students.
  • Gibson Fleming Music Scholarships are offered to talented and accomplished musicians and singers and are awarded based on auditions held each January.
  • OEA Awards are made to assist with the cost of adventurous training, academic or other external (non-College led) courses of a one-off nature.
  • The Ernest Gardner Fund provides means-tested bursaries in certain circumstances.

For further information on how these schemes could assist your family, please see below.


Student involvement in the co-curricular opportunities offered by the school is a fundamental part of an Elizabeth College education.  We encourage all of our students to get fully involved in co-curricular activities such as sport, music and drama, as well as those activities which support academic progress and enrichment such as subject-related trips.  We are aware that the cost of these additional activities can be difficult to meet for some parents and feel that students should be able to access them regardless of their ability to pay.

Parents can apply for a subsidy for such activities through the Gibson Fleming Award scheme.  Applications are assessed on a termly basis and should be made as early as possible. To apply for an award, parents should complete both the College means-testing form and the Gibson Fleming Award application form, giving an indication of the activity for which the application is being made.  Eligibility will be assessed by the Trustees in conjunction with the Principal and relevant teacher.

Please note that these awards are complementary to both the Foundation Bursary scheme and Gibson Fleming Music Scholarships. Eligible students may hold each of a Foundation Bursary, Gibson Fleming Music Scholarship and Gibson Fleming Award. Any requests for support for musical related activities should be endorsed by the Music Department.

A special Gibson Fleming Trust Award is the John Davison Award which was established by Suzanne Boughton in memory of her father John David Davison (4572), a student at Elizabeth College from 1946 to 1951 and a former GP. This annual award is worth £1,000 and is intended to support a College student who would like to pursue a career in medicine.

Applicants should complete the  Gibson Fleming Awards Application eform and the Elizabeth College Means Testing Form. Will Hanson, Assistant Principal Co-Curricular, can guide you through the application and assessment process.


Will Hanson
Assistant Principal, Co-Curricular
T: 01481 726 544


Elizabeth College offers Gibson Fleming Music Scholarships to talented and accomplished musicians and singers at Elizabeth College Upper School. Scholarships are awarded in Year 7 (for Years 7 to 9), Year 10 (for Years 10 to 11) and Year 12 (for Years 12 and 13) following auditions which are held in January each year.

Awards are granted on an annual basis. However, it is expected that Scholars will hold their scholarship until eligible to apply for the next level of award or until they leave College. The continued awards are subject to each musician's active involvement in the musical life of the College.

The value of the Scholarship is £100 pa. Scholarship holders may also apply for supplementary funds to support the cost of music tuition or opportunities to further expand their musical experiences.

Applicants should complete the Gibson Fleming Music Scholars' Awards.  

Andrew Morley, Director of Music, can guide you through the application and assessment process.

Andrew Morley
Director of Music
T: 01481 726 544

The Old Elizabethan Association makes OEA Awards to College students, generally as a contribution towards the cost of off-island courses and expeditions external to the College. This does not include College led trips and visits, support for these can be obtained through the Gibson Fleming Award. In the past, awards have been made to support a variety of activities ranging from British Schools’ Exploring Society expeditions to music seminars. The OEA is willing to consider applications for one-off expeditions, adventurous training and for courses in the world of sport, the arts and academia.

Other than in exceptional circumstances, an OEA award will cover only a proportion of the costs of any activity and applicants are expected to seek other sources of assistance for example fundraising or part time employment.

Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The ability to demonstrate some excellence in the sport or activity;
  • The candidate’s initiative, commitment and achievement;
  • A genuine reason for attending;
  • Efforts made to raise funding from other sources;
  • Clear contribution to the personal development of the applicant; and
  • The degree to which the activity brings credit to the College.

Applicants must be currently attending Elizabeth College so the scheme is not available for gap year students.  A successful applicant will be required to submit a full report on their experiences to the OEA, suitable for publication in the Elizabethan, on their return.

The OEA would like to encourage College students to consider taking advantage of this valuable opportunity for personal or skills development.  We look forward to receiving applications, which will be assessed on the stated criteria as well as any input from the Principal and other College teaching staff.

Applicants should complete this form. Kate Earl, Head of Development & Marketing, can guide you through the application process.



Kate Earl
Head of Development & Marketing
T: 01481 728 217



Modest funds are available from the Ernest Gardner Fund in certain cases for fee-payers suffering financial hardship. All enquiries should be made in the first instance to the Bursar.



James Couchman
T: 01481 726 544