Dead Donkey Club

Leaving a legacy to the Elizabeth College Foundation is one of the best ways of having a lasting impact on the school. The objective of the Elizabeth College Foundation, where bequests are made, is to provide support for the development of College facilities, educational provision and the award of bursaries and scholarships. We know that Elizabeth College will continue to need to find additional sources of funds to be able to develop and to continue to meet the needs of new generations of students. All legacy donations will, by their very nature, provide long term benefits to the College.

Membership of the Dead Donkey Club is open to all OEs, parents and any other supporters of the College who have made provision for the Elizabeth College Foundation in their will. The Club is intended to provide a long-term source of income to support the objectives of the Foundation but also, importantly, to organise enjoyable, fun and interesting events for members.

The club has established an annual programme of events which have included dinners, summer barbecues, lunch in the FG Manchester Refectory, private cinema visits and guided walks. The Dead Donkey Club was launched in the UK with a very successful reception in the House of Commons and aims to hold a UK event at least once per year.

Inheritance laws are complex and anyone contemplating altering their will is recommended to consult an Advocate/Solicitor to discuss their particular circumstances. Please take at look at our legacies brochure for more information on leaving a legacy:
• Guernsey residents please click here.
• UK residents please click here.


If you would like to express your support and affection for Elizabeth College by means of a legacy, please contact:

Kate Earl
Head of Development and Marketing
T: (01481) 728217