Blitz Day at ECJS

Blitz Day was an excellent start to the new history topic for Year 6. Organised as an introduction to World War II, pupils were able to participate in activities to help them understand what it must have felt like to live through that period of history.

Year 6 listened to a speech on the UK and France’s declaration of war on Germany given by the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in 1939. They discussed how this made them feel and wrote letters to family members imagining themselves as children living through World War II. To read some of the letters prepared by the pupils please click here.

They also explored the propaganda messages that existed during the time and prepared their own posters to reflect what they had learnt. To see some of the posters that Year 6 prepared please click here.

Finally they got to enjoy a taste of a potato peel pie, with the correct meat ration! Although there was some jam sponge making the rounds too. Thank you to Mr Sargent and Mrs Pollard for organising the activities and also to Mrs Cotran for ensuring the day was so delicious!