Fee Assistance (bursaries)

Elizabeth College is an inclusive school and welcomes students from all backgrounds by offering fee assistance (bursary places). We want all potential students to be able to consider joining the College regardless of their parents' financial circumstances.

The level of fee assistance is dependent on financial need and can be up to 100%. This may include additional costs such as uniform purchase, necessary equipment and some school trips. Any fee assistance award made is appropriate to the individual situation of each family and is calculated via a means-testing process. Applicants are required to meet the threshold in our entrance assessment.

We welcome applications for children with enquiring minds who would benefit from our broad curriculum, outstanding co-curricular and enrichment activities, supportive community and inspirational environment.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we are now supporting a total of twenty-four students across four year groups.
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Elizabeth College offers free or subsidised places to students entering Year 7 or Year 12 (Lower Sixth). The equivalent of five 100% bursary places will be available each year for Year 7 entry and three for entry to Year 12.

Fee assistance awards range from 25% to 100% of fees and are dependent on individual circumstances, with priority given to those most in need. The funds supporting the bursary places scheme are limited and so will be awarded based on candidates’ merits and financial needs as identified through the application process. Families must therefore understand that, even if their need for a bursary place is substantial, we may not be able to award one.

Early registration for fee assistance is encouraged as demand for places is high. All prospective students (including those applying for a bursary place) are required to meet the entry requirements of the College’s entrance assessment.

Early registration is encouraged for entry into 2025 and beyond.

Registration Form 

  • Please complete the form by 30 April 2024 for entry into Year 7 in September 2025.
  • Please complete the form by 8 November 2024 for entry into Year 12 in September 2025.

On receipt of the form, the Foundation Bursary Manager, Rick James, will contact you to talk through the application and assessment process. This will include supporting you to complete the full application and means-testing form.

Bursary Applicants will also be invited for an interview.




  • The assessment primarily considers gross family income, assets and liabilities.
  • The Foundation Bursary Manager will visit you at home to explain the scheme. Means-testing is conducted by the Finance Bursar. Parents are required to fill in a bursary registration form, provide evidence of their financial circumstances. The application process is covered in detail on the form, along with the list of documents required.
  • The means-testing process considers the affordability of school fees based on each family’s financial circumstances. Elizabeth College recognises that judgements about what sacrifices a family should make to pay school fees will be personal.
  • However, the following factors will also be considered:
    • Opportunities to release any capital: significant capital savings and investments would be expected to be used for the payment of school fees, as would equity values in property and land holdings.
    • In cases of separation, the contribution made by the absent parent.
    • Contribution to household costs by other members of the wider family, by other adults unrelated to the child, or by outside sources.
    • The ability to improve the financial position or earning power of the family subject to the wider family context.
    • The school reserves the right to amend its assessment process at anytime.

A small group of senior staff, including pastoral leaders where relevant, will be aware of the students who are in receipt of financial support. This information is treated confidentially.

  • The bursary award will cover all or part of the school fees i.e. tuition costs and text books.
  • Financial support is also given towards the cost of educational and sporting trips on a case-by-case basis.
  • Those in receipt of a full bursary (100% of school fees) will also receive help with uniform and all necessary equipment.

The bursary award is reviewed annually in the summer term. If your income increases, the financial support initially awarded may decrease. In exceptional cases your award may increase following a reduction in family income.

All prospective students are met by the Foundation Bursary Manager followed by interviews and activities with some of the teaching staff. Students are required to meet the relevant entry requirements.

For Year 7, the College’s Entrance Assessment will be held on the 5 October 2024.

For Year 12, the minimum requirement is based on GCSE results: 3 subjects at grade 6 (for the chosen or related A levels) and 2 GCSE results above grade 4 including English Language and Mathematics.



Mr Rick James
Foundation Bursary Manager
T: 01481 726544