Upper School Curriculum

We are ambitious in challenging our students not only to fulfil but also to maximise their potential in their studies and their activities. Our aim is to provide inspirational teaching that extends the abilities of all our students, recognizing their individual needs and engendering in them a genuine love of scholarship. Encouraging individual thought and independent learning has enabled us to create a closer focus on individual students to ensure that they are understanding and progressing with their studies. We also support students to develop grit and determination in all aspects of their studies; we all fail, but it’s how we learn from that which counts.


To find out more about the GCSE curriculum please download the current course guide here.

Current A-level choices are outlined in the attached booklet, please click here for full details of the courses.

It is important to note that the inclusion of a subject in this booklet does not guarantee that it will appear on the final timetable in the event of insufficient demand. It should also be noted that on occasion some combinations of subjects may prove impossible to timetable. Subject groupings will be decided on the basis of initial student choices. Once the subject groupings have been decided, students will be asked to make their final choice of subjects.

Pupils respond well to a thoughtfully constructed curriculum and to teaching that demands active engagement by pupils.
ISI Inspection Report 2021