David Lucas Visit SLS Book Week

Elizabeth College Junior School pupils at Acorn House enjoyed a visit from author David Lucas last week as part of the School’s Library Service (SLS) Book Week.

The SLS Book Week is an annual event where the Guille-Allès Library bring over several authors/illustrators/poets to Guernsey and all local schools are invited to have at least one author visit each year. 

David Lucas read two of his books to the children, the first being Grendel: A Cautionary Tale about Chocolate.  The book is a charming and clever tale of a little monster who loves chocolate. Grendel loves his mum and Grendel loves his dog, but most of all Grendel loves CHOCOLATE! When he is magically granted three wishes, what does he wish for?

David also read The Robot and the Bluebird about a robot with a broken heart. One winter’s day a migrating bluebird lands on his shoulder, too exhausted to go further. The robot offers her shelter in the place where his heart used to be, and her warmth and singing and companionship stir up the last glimmer of energy the robot has; he carries her across snowy wastes to the warm south, whereupon his strength dies out finally. And there he still stands today like an old hollow tree, home every year to singing birds.

The children also had the chance to practise their illustrating skills. Learning how David starts his drawings, from the first marks he makes on the paper to the emergence of the characters you see on the pages of David’s books. 

You can see the delight on the children’s faces – it was a thoroughly enjoyable day!