Dr Aric Signman Lecture

Elizabeth College invited Dr Aric Sigman to Guernsey to speak with pupils and parents about screen dependency, thanks to the support of the Friends of Elizabeth College.

Dr Sigman has recently had his new paper on “Screen Dependency Disorders: A New Challenge for Child Neurology” published in the Journal of the International Child Neurology Association.

Pupils heard Dr Sigman’s insights in a series of lectures tailored to different age groups. In addition the parents were invited to a lecture by Dr Sigman on “Managing Screen Time & Preventing Screen Dependency in Children” where the talk addressed:

  • How much screen time is appropriate and what type of electronic media children should be using before and after school hours, at what ages.
  • What parents and schools can do to prevent problems with screen dependency and what can be done to improve matters.

Jon Shaw, Vice-Principal Pastoral at Elizabeth College, said: “Thanks to an initiative by the Friends of Elizabeth College, we are delighted that Dr Aric Sigman is visiting College. He comes highly recommended, having spoken all over the world from the Houses of Parliament to the European Union; we strongly encourage you to make a date in your diary to hear about this important issue. The disproportionate amount of discretionary screen time consumed by children is increasingly linked with risks to their wellbeing.”

To read the full article as it appeared in the Guernsey Press please click here.