ECJS Beechwood Cross Country Handicap Race

ECJS Beechwood Year 3 boys and girls recently took part in the Cross Country Handicap Race, the last in the Cross Country series. To read the full report please click here


Year 3 Girls
Position Name Start time Time Actual Time
1st Charlotte Griggs 0m 55s 6m 26s 5m 31s
2nd Chloe Elliott 0m 50s 6m 36s 5m 46s
3rd Ophelia Cravo 0m 00s 6m 56s 6m 56s


Year 3 Boys
Position Name Start time Time Actual Time
1st Alex Morton 0m 30s 5m 55s 5m 25s
2nd Harry Newton 0m 15s 6m 10s 5m 55s
3rd Henry Hunter 0m 55s 6m 12s 5m 17s
4th Harry Staniforth 1m 30s 6m 14s 4m 46s
5th Henry Roger 1m 45s 6m 17s 4m 32s
6th Yannick Carpentier 1m 10s 6m 21s 5m 11s
7th Rupert Wilson 2m 00s 6m 23s 4m 23s
8th Fraser Kent 0m 30s 6m 32s 6m 02s
9th George Harris 1m 15s 6m 40s 5m 25s