Junior School Curriculum

The Junior School curriculum is designed to encompass a wide range of experiences. We aim to offer every child the best possible opportunity to learn and develop in safe and caring surroundings.

Dedicated, experienced staff work hard to ensure that every child’s experience is varied, balanced and matched to their individual needs. Our wide-ranging curriculum aims to teach not only knowledge and skills, but also those dispositions, attitudes and values that we aim to foster in our children.

All students access a range of subjects throughout the week. English and Mathematics are taught daily. Science; Modern Foreign Languages; Information and Communication Technology; Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education; Religious Education; Physical Education; History; Geography; Art; and Music are also a part of the week’s lessons.

Educational visits to places of interest, concerts, rehearsals, talks and workshops all play a part in our daily life, alongside regular visits from both local organisations and individuals. Curriculum enrichment days occur regularly, when the timetable is suspended and individual year groups or the whole school comes together for a varied and different programme. All contribute to the rich experience on offer.

All children are given many opportunities, both individually and as part of a group, to extend and develop their skills. Some children benefit from individual programmes, but competitions, sporting events, concerts, clubs and activities provide an additional layer of opportunity.

Parents are given termly information sheets focusing on mathematics, but are always welcome to acquire further information on other subjects or activities via the class teacher. Transition between year groups is straightforward, provided pupils have made appropriate progress.

Elizabeth College Junior School is exceptionally proud of the well-rounded individuals that move on to their Senior School at the end of Year 6. With the wide range of learning experiences and opportunities given to them, they leave confident and secure in their own learning to take the next step in their school career.

Pupils of all ages and abilities develop comprehensive subject knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of learning.
ISI Inspection Report 2021


We treat our children as individuals, each on their own journey to excellence. For some this means meticulously planned extension to ensure that they are sufficiently challenged and for others this may mean additional practical elements or a simplified task. Wherever children are in their journey, we celebrate their successes, and their progress, as we recognise that improvement is the key to excellence.

We do not stream pupils at the Junior School as our staff are skilled in differentiating work within each class to ensure that every pupil is sufficiently challenged. Where children require additional support, we have a dedicated teachers who are able to provide one-to-one lessons to target areas of need. Often these lessons introduce concepts ahead of the rest of the class, so that pupils do not feel left behind, but are fully equipped and able to follow the content of the lesson. This builds confidence and assurance.