Eco Day 2021

Elizabeth College students enjoyed an Eco Day today with a series of fun and engaging environmental activities during tutor time and over lunch.

Guest speakers, Becky Ogier and Sarah Allez from La Societe Guernesiaise, and Francis Russel from the States of Guernsey, met with students throughout lunchtime to discuss ways to help the environment here in Guernsey, and really inspired the students with their ideas.

Students were encouraged to cycle to school and to bring lunchboxes without single use plastics. There was also a solely vegetarian menu in the Refectory. Tutor groups focused on a ‘leading by example’ activity where students discussed what each of them were doing for the environment and added the ideas to their classroom noticeboards.

An impressive display of marine litter picked from Guernsey’s beaches, as well as Richard Lord’s photographs of marine plastic, were on display in front of the College steps to capture the attention of our students and illustrate how grave the problem is for our coastline. The ‘Where is Wally’ style hidden plastics guessing game and Eco Quiz where students hunted for clues on the Eco posters mounted around the hard court also proved to be popular. Last year nearly 200 students took part in the quiz and we expect the number to be higher in 2021. The winner, to be announced at the next whole school assembly, is to receive an eco-themed goodie bag.

There are many important changes that have been implemented at Elizabeth College in the 3 years since the Eco Team was established. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is key, and includes ongoing education on how we can all do more to reduce single use plastics and reduce the need for recycling in the first place.

There are also larger Eco projects that have been introduced to our students, for example; the Year 9 and Year 10 Conservation Group has been involved in the removal of more than 7 tonnes of sour fig from Guernsey’s coastline; students regularly pick marine litter from local beaches; and the unique ways we have been able to recycle waste to help with our allotment project.

The allotment project is a great example of how much Elizabeth College has been able to re-purpose its waste and College is delighted to be the only school on island that uses its food waste, from its Refectory, for its allotment. In addition to the peelings College has been able to use sawdust from the Design & Technology Department, shredded paper from Reprographics, grass cuttings from the College Grounds Team and tea bags and fruit peelings from the Staff Common Room. Our student Conservation Group have also been able to utilise vraic from Fort Grey and unwanted mushroom compost and manure, all to further enrich the soil and give us the best chance to be able to grow our own food.

Sharka Lee, Eco Lead at Elizabeth College, said:

“Today has been a wonderful day to celebrate our all of our Eco efforts here at College. I am very excited about the number of changes achieved at Elizabeth College since the Eco Team was founded in 2018. Most of all, I am pleased with the change in thinking and attitude of people, which is reflected in many areas of our school life.”