Finding the Right Course

In an increasingly complex landscape of university and careers, setting each student on the path that suits them best is vitally important.

With a choice of 26 different subjects most students take examinations in three. This, combined with the enrichment programme, provides a breadth and depth of learning. Some students will follow four subjects, usually where both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are studied, but we strongly believe that a focus on quality not quantity is key to achieving good grades.


Our Sixth Form students enjoy an inspiring and challenging curriculum, with subjects chosen to help them reach their full potential.

A Levels are two-year long courses of rigorous academic study. They are specialist courses concentrating on one subject area and are an excellent preparation for university study, accepted by higher education institutions worldwide. The strength of A Levels is to allow the student to undertake specialised study in their chosen subjects. Students are expected to work more independently and will be responsible for background reading, note-making and research. A Levels are typically examined at the end of the two years of study but some subjects may require fieldwork, practicals, portfolios or coursework.

Our Sixth Form Partnership with The Ladies’ College enables the Colleges to offer an impressive range of A level subjects (currently 26), including options not taught at GCSE such as Economics, Film Studies, Photography and Psychology. For detailed information on subject choices visit the curriculum page here.


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification with significant UCAS value. It is highly respected by universities because it helps to develop independent learning skills. Some universities have been known to reduce the grade requirement for an offer of a place to students with a successful EPQ.

The EPQ is a research-based qualification based on a self-selected project and is an ideal way for students to study something they are interested in but is not part of their main curriculum, or an area that will contribute to their university course or a future career. Students research a subject of their choosing before producing a dissertation, investigation, performance or artefact.

Completing an EPQ teaches essential research and writing skills and the qualification is invaluable on a personal statement, CV or at interview. Although projects are individually-driven, students receive one-to-one guidance to support the requirements of their title.