Bursaries: Appeal


The Foundation Bursary Scheme is now fully up and running and our first Foundation Bursary students started at the College in September 2021.  The scheme is now supporting a total of sixteen students in four year groups. All the Bursary holders are settled well into life at Elizabeth College and are firmly embracing the many opportunities available to them at Elizabeth College.

Applications for entry in September 2023 have now closed but registrations are being taken for entry into Year 7 and Year 12 in 2024 and beyond. Application details are available here.


The scheme’s means-tested bursary awards are specific to each applicant’s financial position and cover up to 100% of fees, providing an additional choice for boys and girls and their parents, whose circumstances mean that otherwise a place at Elizabeth College would be unaffordable.

Foundation Bursary students must meet the requirements of the College’s Entrance Assessment and also undergo an additional selection process to assess character and commitment. This ensures that all Bursary holders will be able to fully benefit from the College’s broad curriculum, outstanding enrichment activities, diverse community and inspirational environment.

Five (or more) Foundation Bursary places are available each year for Year 7 entry and three for entry to Year 12. Full details of the scheme, eligibility and how to apply are available on the 'Admissions' tab here.

Bursaries Co-ordinator Rick James RJames@elizabethcollege.gg is happy to help with any questions families may have about the scheme. We are very keen that information about the scheme is widely known so that anyone who might benefit from a Foundation Bursary is able to apply. Please feel free to direct anyone who you think might be interested to the College website or to speak to Rick James.


The Foundation Bursary Fund which finances the scheme has been established thanks to the generosity of donors to the ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ Appeal, as well as benefiting from legacies received through the work of the Dead Donkey Club. It is the Foundation’s aim that in time the income from investments will be sufficient to cover the cost of bursary fees. Further fundraising will be required to ensure the long-term sustainability of the scheme.

The benefit of such a scheme is not only to the bursary recipients. Experience at independent schools in the UK is that bursary-assisted students are highly dedicated and make a disproportionately valuable contribution to the overall experience of their peers and school community.sustainability of the scheme.

Following the States reduction of College funding, September 2018 saw the last intake of Special Place Holders. Historically and importantly, this particular funding has enabled the College to maintain its inclusivity. Students from modest backgrounds have been able to access an Elizabeth College education and benefit from their own Chance of a Lifetime and it is important for the College to maintain this egalitarian approach.