Bursaries: Appeal


As a result of the success of the Chance of a Lifetime Appeal, including the tremendously generous Legacy left by Roger Perrot and many other donations received so far, we are delighted to have launched the Foundation Bursary Scheme.

The Scheme will enable pupils from all walks of life in Guernsey who demonstrate the appropriate character and commitment to continue to be able to attend Elizabeth College.

Following the States reduction of College funding, September 2018 saw the last intake of Special Place Holders. Historically and importantly, this particular funding has enabled the College to maintain its inclusivity. Students from modest backgrounds have been able to access an Elizabeth College education and benefit from their own Chance of a Lifetime and it is important for the College to maintain this egalitarian approach.

The Foundation Bursary Scheme offers free or subsidised means-tested places to boys or girls entering Year 7 or Year 12 (Lower Sixth). Five (or more) Foundation Bursary places will be available each year for Year 7 entry and three for entry to Year 12. Our first bursary students started at College in September 2021. Further details of the scheme and how to apply are here.

The benefit of such a scheme is not only to the bursary recipients. Experience at independent schools in the UK is that bursary-assisted students are highly dedicated and make a disproportionately valuable contribution to the overall experience of their peers and school community.

The Elizabeth College Foundation Chance of a Lifetime Appeal was launched in 2019 with dual aims of procuring Perrot Court (the former RBC building) and establishing a Bursary Fund. To read the appeal brochure and latest progress update please follow the links below.
We are immensely grateful to the many parents, Old Elizabethans, staff and others who have contributed to the Appeal so far, helping to make these twin aims a reality.


Facing the huge challenge to create an endowment fund the Foundation’s initial goal was to establish a fund which can support five students in each year with 25% to 100% fee support on a means tested basis. The Foundation’s ambition in the long term is to build on this fund, to increase the level of bursary support to a point where it can fully replace the historic Special Place Holder scheme.

While the Appeal has raised a phenomenal sum towards the new Foundation Bursary Fund, there is more work to be done to ensure that the Fund is sustainable and sufficient to enable College to maintain its diversity of intake. The medium term aim is to raise around £1.5 million to ensure sustainability of the established Scheme.  

We are very grateful to all those who have already contributed towards the Bursary Scheme and we do ask you to do everything you can to assist us with this transformational opportunity for future students.

Details of how you can make a donation or a longer term pledge can be found here.