Langlois Cup Awarded

The Langlois Life Saving Cup has been awarded to OE Fin Whitmore (10874), who saved a man from drowning with his friend Ben Relph while on holiday in South Africa.

The Langlois Life Saving Cup was donated to Elizabeth College in 1917 by Edwin Langlois (3296) to remember C M Baker (2252) and Rex Martin (3295) who drowned near Herm while sailing in a storm on the 26th October 1916.

The 1917 edition of the Elizabethan stated that the Langlois Life Saving Cup was awarded to the competitor scoring the most points on six timed land and water tests. In 1925 the Elizabethan noted that the school was glad to have Captain Langlois, the donor, officiate as time-keeper for the competition.

Since then the trophy has had an erratic history disappearing for some time during and after the war years. Since it was found and refurbished the school has re-established the tradition and held an annual lifesaving competition where participants compete in two parts, one in the College pool and one in the bathing pools.

Brian Aplin, Teacher of Life Saving Skills at Elizabeth College, said “It is probably the oldest active life saving trophy outside of Australia. We would usually hold a competition, however this year in recognition of the application of his lifesaving training, we have decided to break with tradition and award the Langlois Life Saving Cup to Old Elizabethan Fin Whitmore.”

Previous winners of the Langlois Life Saving Cup include Hubert Nicolle (4193) and Nick Guillemette (5224).

Fin Whitmore and Ben Relph rescued a 29 year old man from Johannesburg who was being swept out to sea by rip currents.

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