New Wrens Familiarisation Sessions

We are looking forward to hosting our new Wrens for their familiarisation sessions this week.

Mrs Liu and her team have been busy preparing an engaging programme for the children, to make them (and their parents!) comfortable ahead of their first day at Pre-School. The morning sessions will familiarise the children with key areas of the Pre-School, and give them a snap shot of a the typical daily routine in the Wrens.

During the visit the children will take part in singing nursery rhymes, which are displayed on the interactive board in the Music room. They will also have the opportunity to explore the outdoor area, join in with snack time and find out where the toilets are situated!

As there is a long stretch of time between their visit and starting at Pre-School, photographs of the key features in the Wren’s room and from around Pre-School have been included in the new parents’ welcome pack. We hope this will be a useful resource in the weeks before they start, to remind the children what they have seen, who they have met and what they can expect on their first day in the Wrens.