Ethos & Values

Elizabeth College, founded in 1563 by Queen Elizabeth I, is a values-led school. Everything we do at Elizabeth College is centred around living to our core set of values. They help steer how we behave, learn and treat each other. They are embedded in and reflected upon in all aspects of school life.

An Elizabeth College education is designed to create well-rounded, resilient young people who have the skills, attitudes and values to be successful individuals who make a positive contribution to society. This focus begins right at the start of your child’s education at the Junior School with a simple set of easy to follow core values. For our youngest children we teach them to: Aim High, Be Kind, and Be Brave. Providing this toolkit for school life, ensures we encourage them to develop self-confidence and a love of learning, while being sensitive to the feelings of others.

As students move up through the years and into the Upper School we know that we can only achieve our core values with the support and engagement of all our students, staff and parents.  Together we actively use our core values: Curiosity, Compassion and Courage to guide our daily interactions with one another and our approach to school work.

Elizabeth College believes that it is vital that our students enjoy their schooling: therefore, we have a role to make education as pleasurable, rewarding and stimulating as possible. With so many subjects to choose from, great facilities, excellent teaching and such a huge variety of sport and extra-curricular activities, it is no surprise that most of our students love their time at College and remember their days here extremely fondly.


Pupils demonstrate the successful fulfilment of the school's aims; they aim high in the junior school and display curiosity in the upper school.
ISI Inspection Report 2021