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Elizabeth College Pre-School is the perfect introduction to College life. Catering for boys and girls from the September after their second birthday, Pre-School provides a full and varied curriculum within a happy, stimulating and secure environment. Our Pre-School gives children the very best start to their education and at the end of their time here, we expect them to be curious, independent and confident, with a clear sense of right and wrong, a well-developed sense of fun, and a hunger for learning.

The Pre-School children follow the foundation stage curriculum, which fosters essential skills and attitudes for their future learning.  The building blocks for reading come from activities that encourage matching and pattern recognition: jigsaws, threading beads, and matching games go alongside listening to and enjoying books and stories and learning rhymes and songs. Soon, the children recognise familiar letters, including those in their own name. Music, yoga and drama are taught by our Pre-School team and give our children many chances to be active and inspired.

We focus on giving your child freedom to find their own path on their own specific learning journey. We take direction from what they are interested in, keeping record of likes and dislikes and adapting our learning programme to suit. We let our Pre-School children discover and explore their environment themselves whilst ensuring a safe, warm, community space.

Elizabeth College Pre-School offers modern facilities in the heart of the Junior School campus and includes an dedicated playground, library and music room. Please arrange a personal visit and see why our Pre-School is the perfect start to your child's education.

Don't hesitate, it is the most fantastic environment for your child.
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Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School


Skilled Staff – we recognise that the presence of a skilled adult can have the greatest impact upon child development. Our staff are highly qualified and exceptionally skilled in bringing the best out of every child.

Support – every child has a dedicated key worker to support them and so they feel safe and cared for. Your key worker takes lead responsibility for your child’s care and development, however, our staff work extremely closely with all children and form strong bonds with them. We deliberately develop these relationships so that your child will always feel happy and confident at Pre-School, no matter which members of staff they may be with.

Dedicated Space – with access to all the key areas around the Junior School campus, dedicated enclosed garden areas and designated outdoor learning sessions, our children have exceptional access to the outdoors and all the space that they need to grow and develop.

Opportunity – all the children benefit from a host of activities every day, including phonics and early mathematical work as well as movement and music lessons.

Smooth Transitions – our team regularly work with the Reception teaching staff to familiarise the children with the faces they will see, and the activities they will enjoy, on next stage of their learning journey at the Junior School.

Information – our learning journal and record books ensure that you are fully informed about every aspect of your child’s development and all that they have done at Pre-School.

Nutrition – all our Pre-School children enjoy a hot meal each day as well as fruits and vegetables at snack time. Our menus provide all the nutrients needed for optimal growth and development. All children have their meals in the Junior School dining room, to learn about social eating with their friends and the Pre-School staff.

Certainty – awarded ‘Excellent’ in all areas of the school’s recent Inspection in 2021. Read more here.