Student Voice


Elizabeth College is dedicated to reinforcing the strength of the Student Voice in the development of school life. At the heart of the Student Voice is a drive to ensure a sense of belonging within the school, a sense of place in the local community and a culture whereby the progress of the school can be fuelled by the talents and insight of its students. 

We value student contributions and provide opportunities for both formal and informal Student Voice including the Prefect Team, School Council, Eco-Team, Tutor Groups and Houses.

The School Council enables students to take an active part in school decision-making. Students from each year group starting in Reception elect their chosen representatives to the Council. Many sensible and practical suggestions have been made by the Council at both the Junior and Upper School including recent improvements made at the Refectory.

At the Upper School Elizabeth College works hard to make sure that each of our students know that their voice is important and can be used to further improve our school. Every student has the chance for their voice to be heard through ‘Tutor review’ weeks where students are asked to consider various school issues in their tutor groups. The findings are then fed back and considered. A key part of the process is the addressing of their issues and concerns in assemblies.

The theme which unifies all School Voice initiatives is the centrality of the experience of our students at Elizabeth College and the focus upon their voices as catalyst for continual improvement.


Showing leadership is an important part of how students develop during their time at Elizabeth College. From small beginnings such as captaining a sports team in the Junior School, opportunities abound at every stage for our students to develop values and learn much about themselves.

Elizabeth College has a long legacy of appointing School Prefects in Year 13, but leadership today is not reserved for a small number of final year students; we seek to foster leadership in all age groups throughout the school.

The Prefect Teams at the Junior and Upper Schools are chosen set an example to the younger students in the School. Through their service we help them to see that leadership is about moving people to follow their example by acting with integrity.