Sixth Form Welcome

The Sixth Form at Elizabeth College is about learning to be ready for the next stage of life, while making the most of the here and now, and all the opportunities an Elizabeth College education offers. Students benefit from a wide choice of academic subjects, excellent inspirational teaching in small classes from well-qualified teachers and outstanding extra-curricular opportunities.

All Sixth Form students, whether new to the school or moving into the Sixth Form from Year 11, will very quickly feel part of our distinct, warm and collegiate community. Students are supported by a dedicated team guiding and nurturing them through this important period of transition and development.

The Sixth Form is an important part of Elizabeth College, where each individual is offered the opportunity to embrace all that the school offers, whilst also finding their own sense of independence through new opportunities to lead, innovate and contribute.

Universities and employers want students who know how to think for themselves, and that is what the Sixth Form at Elizabeth College delivers. Students in the Sixth Form say how confident and excited they feel to start their next chapter, be it going on to university or into the world of work.

We strive to give students the chance to be courageous, compassionate and curious to get the most from the Elizabeth College experience as well as preparing them for the adventures that lie ahead.

Julie Dittmar, Head of Sixth Form

Pupils are comfortable in challenging their own understanding, working collaboratively and take responsibility for their own learning.
ISI Inspection Report 2021