Learning Enrichment


The aims of the Learning Enrichment Department are in line with those of the School: we aim to develop independent learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity.

In every case, our goal is to produce in a student the ability and confidence to take responsibility for his or her own learning. Achieving this goal is, of course, a prerequisite for success later at university and in the workplace.

Elizabeth College aims to provide all students with appropriate ‘stretch and challenge’ in the classroom, the workshop or studio and on the playing field through carefully planned lessons, excellent resources, a focus on the development of independent learning skills and carefully considered feedback from teacher to student.



All Faculties offer excellent opportunities for more able and talented students to develop beyond the curriculum. This might be through involvement in local and national competitions, for example the UK Mathematics Trust challenges, national science challenges, writing and poetry competitions in many disciplines, moots, art shows, the annual Eisteddfod, Channel Island and UK sports tournaments and more. The wide range of clubs and societies also provide rich ground in which students can cultivate their interests and curiosities for example through creating comic strips, model making, playing chess to a high level, debating, exploring science and mathematics, delving into history or philosophy or developing high level performance skills in the arts. Talented sportsmen and women can hone their skills on the pitch, the court, in the pool, in or on the sea and elsewhere through extra high-level and specialised coaching and then test themselves in competition.

The breadth of the curriculum and the unparalleled extra-curricular opportunities on offer allow each student to find his or her niche and to develop new abilities and talents not previously discovered or known. No student is limited by or defined by what he or she has experienced or achieved before arriving at College as abilities and talents emerge on the way.


The department is currently staffed by the School's Head of Educational Support (SENCo) and an additional SEN teacher, both of whom have specialist experience and qualifications.

Elizabeth College is committed to the provision of support for students with additional learning needs. The provision of additional support is intended to allow these students to enjoy access to the full richness of our curriculum, in order that they are empowered to achieve or exceed their academic potential.