Why Elizabeth College?

Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College rated as “Excellent” by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in an outstandingly positive report.
ISI Report 2021

Whether it is for our youngest children in the Pre-School or the eldest studying for their A Level examinations, the Elizabeth College curriculum is vibrant, progressive and stretching.

Our staff are focused on helping all our students to learn, to grow and to be better than they were yesterday. This is reflected in our students’ examination performances and the successful careers of our alumni. But success goes beyond test scores and university acceptances; at Elizabeth College we nurture the whole child. Our school culture, our diverse offering of co-curricular activities and our comprehensive pastoral care instil in our students a set of core values that we hope will equip them for success for the rest of their lives.

Elizabeth College students make excellent progress in their learning and achieve academic outcomes that reflect this, be that at GCSE or A Level examinations or in university and college admissions. Such outcomes reflect their hard work and commitment and that of their teachers.

In 2022, 63.3% of GCSE results were Grade 7 (equivalent to an A) and above and in the past five years Elizabeth College leavers have gone onto more than 100 different university destinations.

Elizabeth College students are able to follow their own paths and dreams, whether that’s university, music college, art school, the armed forces or heading straight into employment on the island. We encourage all of our students to develop as happy, confident and successful individuals who can make a real difference in their respective fields around the world

Elizabeth College welcomes students ranging in age from 2 ½  to 18 years. The advantages of a through-school are many; students of all ages can access a range of facilities often unavailable to individual year groups. While the Pre-School and Junior School are located separate from  the Upper School, common spaces such as sporting facilities are shared.

Familiarity with the site, staff and routines allows for smooth transitions between the different educational stages, with staff  working together to ensure continuity of pastoral and academic support.

Elizabeth College recognises the challenges facing busy families providing practical solutions to support them. At the Junior School supervised after school care is available until 5pm, with after school club options beginning in Year 2. At the Senior School lessons end at 4pm with a multitude of after school clubs available.

Active travel is a core feature of life at College with many students and families choosing to cycle or walk to school. Local buses run across the Island and many students in Year 7 and above enjoy being able to catch the bus or cycle home with their friends.

With an extensive lunch-time, after-school and sometimes weekend programme covering creative arts, sports, eco initiatives, STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths),  and a myriad of interesting clubs, options are on offer for all ages. The offer is constantly evolving to incorporate new and seasonal opportunities and students are encouraged to contribute their ideas for new clubs.

A regular programme brings visiting speakers into the Junior and Upper Schools to talk on a range of fascinating topics. During the Summer Term Investigation and Discovery week (I&D) provides a range of different activities including , leadership, team building and communication activities as well as the opportunity to take part in academic trips.

We believe that the education of a child is a three-way relationship between academic staff, parents and students working together to create an environment where students can learn and grow. Every student is encouraged to try the different opportunities open to them and supported to achieve more than they originally thought possible. The School has an inclusive approach which encourages everyone to engage with  a range of different opportunities  to help them discover their passions, form new friendships and most importantly, have fun.

From Reception to Year 13 teachers and tutors work closely with their students monitoring progress and encouraging self-reflection and development. At GCSE and A Level, as far as possible, the timetable is built around individual choices rather than just option blocks.

Elizabeth College makes the most of all of the advantages of Island life. For our students the benefits of being outdoors include improved mental health and wellbeing, along with better concentration and engagement. Fresh air and purpose encourage curiosity and improve physical skills. College’s passion for the outdoors is increasingly reflected in the students care for the environment and the Eco Team and Allotment Club are increasingly popular options.

The Daily Mile is a core feature of  life at the Junior School and ‘Welly Wednesday’ is just one of the fantastic weekly activities for the younger children. The thriving Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at the Upper School supports students at Bronze and Gold levels. Elizabeth College’s outstanding record in sport is helped, in part, by its ‘sport for all’ approach encouraging students to be active and develop a lifelong involvement in some form of physical activity. The Adventure Clubs at both the Junior and Upper Schools are flourishing.

One of the College’s key aims is ‘ Encouraging all our students to enjoy purposeful lives lived with integrity and compassion”

The importance of service to others, is reflected in the ‘Playground Pals’ scheme in the Junior School, timetabled community service activities on Friday afternoons at the Upper School, and the whole school charity programme. Every year the students raise thousands of pounds for charities of their own choice in Guernsey, the UK and abroad. This, combined with a House system, forms strong bonds across the year groups providing students with a sense of belonging  and enduring friendships.

A really important feature of Elizabeth College’s culture is undoubtedly its inclusivity. The school’s Foundation Bursary Scheme was launched in September 2021 and offers up to five free or subsidised places to students entering Year 7 and three for entry to Year 12. All bursaries are means-tested and are subject to funds being available.

The benefit of such a scheme is not only to the bursary recipients. Experience at independent schools in the UK is that bursary-assisted students are highly dedicated and make a disproportionately valuable contribution to the overall experience of their peers and to the school community.

Life at Elizabeth College is exciting and varied, with students and staff encouraged to take up as many opportunities as they possibly can, gathering great experiences and creating lasting, happy memories of their time here.

Founded in 1563 Elizabeth College is undoubtedly part of the fabric of Guernsey life and enjoys an incredibly supportive community, which encompasses former students, current parents, former parents, current and former staff and many others. The school has a place in the heart of many people in Guernsey, and all over the world.

Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School
Elizabeth College School