Year 8 Cross Curricular Day

Year 8 pupils at Elizabeth College have enjoyed a Cross-Curricular Day involving the History, Religious Studies, Classics and the Modern Foreign Languages Departments. The theme of the day was ‘Continuity and Change in Guernsey’.

The day was inspired by Michael Riley, Director of the Schools History Project a ‘think tank’ on teaching history in schools.

Students visited St Peter Port to investigate the town’s history and looked for continuity and change by identifying different places using old photographs and images, and then photographing each place as it looks today to focus on trade and social conditions.

Students also visited Candie Museum for a talk on Guernsey history, focusing on continuity and change through a look at paganism, Roman Guernsey and the spread of Christianity. They also had chance to learn about the history and relevance of Guernsey French. The day introduced them to some simple words and phrases, using call and response, role play and music, which we hope they will be able to use around the island or when talking to family members.

Head of Humanities Faculty Jeremy Rowson said, “Students completed different activities over the course of the day to help them make connections between the different subjects. Hopefully this will allow them to see beyond the boundaries sometimes created by studying subjects in isolation and start to develop a broader view of the world around them.”