YEP Book Launch

The four Elizabeth College students participating in the YEP young enterprise scheme, have created a children’s book ‘ The Adventures of Fin.’

Their team, which also includes students from The Ladies’ College, is committed to environmental issues and wanted to use their time to create something that had impact and could continue to be useful, long after their lesson time ended.

Written, illustrated and produced by the students the book is the story of a dolphin who travels around Guernsey’s coastline discovering various pieces of plastic and highlighting the topic of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Jacob Brady, Year 12, said:

“It has been an exciting journey discovering the undocumented issue of plastic around Guernsey, meeting the local community of rapidly growing environmentalists and gaining invaluable knowledge and skills. We are very proud to have made a young enterprise product with a purpose and meaning whilst delivering a crucial message.”

The team focused on their strengths and each took on a different role to maximise the book’s success. From ensuring it was sustainably printed, to working on the copy, illustrations, marketing and sales, the team have honed their business skills whilst working on a project they are all passionate about.

Throughout the process the students have collaborated with environmental experts and built a network of contacts in Guernsey and further afield.  A contact at the Marine Conservation Society was delighted to rephrase certain aspects to help them deliver a clear and concise message on the problem of plastic pollution.

‘The Adventures of Fin’ is launched at Specsavers HQ on Wednesday 13th March 6-7pm. All welcome.