Young Writers Poetry Compendium

Congratulations to Harry Snell in Year 8 who is going to be published in the next Young Writers poetry compendium with his poem ‘Hurt Me’.

Why didn’t you tell me?
All of it could have been over.
I shouldn’t have let you be.
The lies you were telling, they hurt me.

I shouldn’t have believed you.
The things that you do,
Made me feel blue,
And I don’t think you meant to hurt me.

I was a coward.
Instead of confronting I was here blunting
The knife you used to cut my heart,
Because I knew you were evil from the start.

But no,
It didn’t ease the pain.
Instead I was left here alone in shame.
I was abandoned, I had no one to blame.
I just wished things were the same.

I hoped for mercy,
I really did.
You didn’t show any,
Now I’m stuck in a pit.
A pit of regret and envy.
A pit of shame because you hurt me.

My mind blanked, I didn’t know what to do.
Should I confront and possibly lose you?
Should I listen to your white lies?
Or should I sit here thinking about when I was wise?

I’ve been crying in my bed,
Regretting all of the things that I said.
When I saw the black, I almost collapsed,
And I think you meant to hurt me.