ISI Inspection and Reports


The next external inspection of Elizabeth College by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is due to take place in November 2021.  The inspection will cover the whole of Elizabeth College, from the Pre-School at Acorn House to the Sixth Form.

The last ISI Inspection was in October 2015. Assessing the quality of College’s educational provision, the ISI awarded Elizabeth College the highest rating of “Excellent” in eight aspects and “Good” in the other two.

ISI inspections allow Elizabeth College to be compared to the best independent schools in the UK.  Inspection reports include judgements on pupils’ achievements, the curriculum, extra-curricular provision, teaching, pupils’ personal development, pastoral care, welfare, health and safety, governance, leadership and management and links with parents. Aspects are rated at one of four grades: excellent, good, sound and unsatisfactory.

A full copy of the 2015 report is available here.


The inspection report is fulsome in its praise of the overall quality of the education provided by the College as exemplified by the following excerpts:

  • “The strongly pupil-centred college ethos enables pupils of all ages to achieve high academic standards and develop excellent personal qualities.”
  • “Pupils’ excellent attitudes to their studies and their commitment to high standards and activities contribute strongly to the high standard of their achievements.”

The report also reflects on the excellent curricular provision and high academic standards which the whole College achieves from its broad intake of pupils:

  •  “Pupils’ academic achievements are supported by an excellent curriculum, carefully planned and sufficiently adaptable to meet well the needs of individual pupils.”
  • “The college offers an attractive enrichment programme fulfilling the school’s aims of encouraging pupils’ participation and developing the whole child strongly.”

Pastoral care and the quality of relationships throughout the school are particularly highly praised:

  • “Relationships between staff and pupils, and amongst pupils themselves, are particularly harmonious.”
  • “Excellent pastoral leadership and management oversee comprehensive care and support so pupils develop into confident and well-rounded members of the community”.

The College’s excellent communication with parents and links with the community are also highlighted:

  • “Links with parents and the community are excellent. Parents were especially pleased with the college’s academic provision, pastoral care and breadth of all-round opportunity.”
  • “Parents report that the college handles concerns particularly well….and that they felt listened to and welcome in both the junior and upper schools.”

With the overriding objective of helping schools to build on their strengths and identify areas for further improvement, the report includes recommendations to ensure that all teaching across the school provides appropriate challenge and focus and to ensure that teaching is consistently monitored and supported.  These areas have all been addressed through the College’s Development Plan.

This comprehensive external review puts us on a par with the best schools in the UK and fully endorses the many improvements made over recent years. It highlights the excellent, all-round and value-added education we provide for our pupils, from ECJS at Acorn House right up the Sixth Form.  It also provides a thoroughly well-deserved pat on the back for our exceptionally committed and talented staff.