ISI Inspection and Reports

Elizabeth College has received an outstandingly positive report from its recent inspection.  Assessing the quality of College’s educational provision, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) gave Elizabeth College the highest rating of “Excellent” on both the quality of the pupils' learning and achievement and the quality of the pupils' personal development.

The inspection was completed by a team of 8 inspectors in November 2021 and covered the whole of Elizabeth College, including the Pre-School, Junior School and Upper School.

ISI inspections allow Elizabeth College to be compared to the best independent schools in the UK.  Inspection reports include both qualitative and regulatory assessments and include appraisal of the quality of the pupils' learning and achievement, personal development, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, welfare, health and safety and the quality of leadership and management.

A full copy of the report is available here or on the ISI website here.

This comprehensive external review puts us on a par with the best schools in the UK and fully endorses the many improvements made over recent years. It highlights the excellent, all-round and value-added education we provide for our pupils, from Pre-School right up the Sixth Form.  It also provides a thoroughly well-deserved pat on the back for our exceptionally committed and talented staff.


The inspection report is generous in its praise of the overall quality of the education provided by the College and for the pupils themselves, as exemplified by the following excerpts:

  • The quality of the pupils’ learning and achievement is excellent.
  • Pupils of all ages and abilities develop comprehensive subject knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of learning, appropriately challenged by teaching that addresses linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative aspects of learning.
  • Pupils move on to the next stage in their lives with confidence and self-assurance, wanting to live adventurously whilst approaching the concept of risk sensibly in all that they do.

The report also reflects on the College’s curricular provision, quality of teaching and excellent outcomes which the whole College achieves from its broad intake of pupils:

  • Pupils enjoy their learning, think independently and have energy and passion in their drive for success.
  • Pupils respond well to a thoughtfully constructed curriculum and to teaching that demands active engagement by pupils.
  • The pupils’ excellent commitment to success is strongly inspired because teachers set high expectations and consistently model highly positive attitudes to learning and achievement.
  • Pupils' achievements in external competitions, in gaining other intellectual distinctions, and their successes in sport and the arts are outstanding.
  • Older pupils commented that, though the school encourages excellence it does not mean perfection and that they are helped to take a balanced approach to life.

Pastoral care and the quality of relationships throughout the school are particularly highly praised:

  • The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent.
  • Pupils' strong sense of responsibility, resilience, perseverance and self-esteem is the result of a well-organised proactive pastoral system.
  • Pupils can be themselves and respect one another for their individuality.
  • Pupils are kind to each other and considerate to their teachers.

The College’s leadership opportunities and role within the community are also highlighted:

  • The opinions of pupils are routed through active school councils which influence the direction of the school.
  • Many seek opportunities both in the school and the wider community to take on responsibilities and opportunities.