Our Ethos and Aims


Elizabeth College provides a rich, diverse and exciting experience for pupils of all backgrounds, enabling them to flourish and make the very most of themselves.

We believe that it is vital that our pupils enjoy their schooling: therefore, we have a role to make education as pleasurable, rewarding and stimulating as possible. With so many subjects to choose from, great facilities, excellent teaching and such a huge variety of sport and extra-curricular activities, it is no surprise that most of our pupils love their time at College and remember their days here extremely fondly.


To instil traditional Christian values, manners and a strong sense of service to others to enable our pupils to live lives that matter.

We are rightly proud of our origins as a Christian foundation and promote strongly the moral values of integrity and compassion. We want our pupils to be true to themselves as individuals whilst having high personal standards and excellent manners. We also want our pupils to have a higher sense of purpose and strongly encourage them to contribute positively to the community.

To engender a love of learning so that all our pupils can achieve, or even exceed, academic expectations.

We want our pupils to be inspired by and relish their learning experiences in school, showing creativity and perseverance in working things out for themselves wherever possible. This will allow them to do the very best they can academically and help stimulate their minds through the rest of their lives. We particularly value scholarship and the great pleasures of learning for its own sake.

To encourage full participation in the extensive extra-curricular and sporting programme thereby allowing pupils to find their niche.

We want our pupils to throw themselves into the broader life of the school with real passion and commitment. Extra-curricular activities are enjoyable in their own right and essential in developing important character traits such as confidence, teamwork and leadership. They also allow pupils to follow their own particular interests and so develop as individuals.

To present opportunities for the broadening of horizons and the development of future leaders in all walks of life.

Whilst Guernsey is a wonderful place to grow up, we want our pupils to be aware of the wider world and have a curiosity for the experience of new places, cultures and ideas. We hope that such experience helps develop a genuine sense of responsibility so that they embark on their future lives with a sense of excitement, purpose and the prospect of leadership in their chosen fields.