I am delighted that the Foundation Bursary Scheme was launched in 2021 and a total of 8 Foundation Bursary students started at Elizabeth College in September 2021. The Scheme offers free or subsidised places to boys or girls entering Year 7 or Year 12 (Lower Sixth).

Five (or more) Foundation Bursary places will be available each year for Year 7 entry and three for entry to Year 12.

A bursary is a reduction in school fees granted to parents who have limited incomes and assets. The financial award made is appropriate to the individual situation of each family.

Pupils demonstrate mutual respect towards each other and value one another extremely highly.ISI Inspection Report 2021

Bursaries awarded to families of children through the Foundation Bursary Scheme are calculated via a means testing process.

  • A bursary is means-tested while a scholarship isn’t.
  • A scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic ability while a bursary isn’t.

The Foundation Bursary scheme provides an alternative choice to those parents whose family circumstances mean that they cannot meet the full cost of school fees. We welcome applications for children with enquiring minds who would benefit from our broad curriculum, outstanding extra-curricular and enrichment activities, diverse community and inspirational environment.

Rick James, Foundation Bursary Co-ordinator


Foundation Bursaries range from 25% to 100% of fees. The Bursaries are means tested and are dependent on individual circumstances. Those awarded a full bursary may also receive help to meet the cost of uniforms and other school related costs.

The funds supporting the Foundation Bursary scheme are limited and so will be rationed based on candidates’ merits and financial needs as identified through the application process. Families must therefore understand that, even if their need for a Bursary is substantial, we may not be able to award one.

It is unlikely that applicants with a net household income which exceeds £55,000 pa would receive financial support except in exceptional circumstances (after tax and certain allowances such as for the number of children and mortgage payments).

All prospective students including those applying for Foundation Bursary places are required to meet the entry requirements of the College’s Entrance Assessment.

Early registration for entry to Elizabeth College on the Bursary Scheme is always encouraged as demand for places is high. Please register your interest in applying for a Foundation Bursary place by 28 February 2023 for entry into Year 12 in September 2023. The deadline for entry into Year 7 in September 2023 has now passed, but early application is encouraged for entry in September 2024. See 'How to Apply' below.

To learn more please visit our College on Film page to view our short film: ‘Foundation Bursaries ’. For a copy of our latest Bursaries Flyer please click here

Early registration is encouraged for entry into Year 7 and Year 12 in 2024 and beyond.

  • Please complete the Foundation Bursary Registration form by September 2023 for entry into Year 7 in September 2024.
  • Please complete the Foundation Bursary Registration form by 28 February 2023 for entry into Year 12 in September 2023.
  • On receipt of the form, Foundation Bursary Co-ordinator Rick James will contact you to talk through the application and assessment process. This will include supporting you to complete the full application and means testing form.
  • All prospective students including those applying for Foundation Bursary places in Year 7 are required to meet the entry requirements of the College’s Entrance Assessment which is held in October.
  • Bursary Applicants may also be invited for an interview.

Further information and assistance in making your application are available from Mr Rick James our Foundation Bursary Co-ordinator:

The application and allocation process is described in our Bursary Policy and our Foundation Bursaries Privacy Statement detail how your application data will be used and protected.