Staff Lists

For an up-to-date list, including contact details where appropriate, for staff at the Upper School, Junior School and Pre-School at Elizabeth College please see the below tabs.

Senior Leadership Team


Teaching Staff 


Teaching Assistants & Technicians

  • Chris Bennalick

    Chris Bennalick

  • Joanne Byrne

    Joanne Byrne

    Biology Technician
  • Philip Carre

    Philip Carre

    Physics Technician
  • Alexander Doherty

    Alexander Doherty

    Fencing Coach
  • Rose El Mettouri

    Rose El Mettouri

    Lunchtime Supervisor, Lost Property Supervisor
  • Sara Gaudion

    Sara Gaudion

    Cover Supervisor, Music Administration Assistant
  • Peter Graysmith

    Peter Graysmith

  • Peter Jory

    Peter Jory

    Shooting Coach/ Master in Charge of Shooting
  • Richard Le Page

    Richard Le Page

    Shooting Coach
  • Maria Lozano-Garcia

    Maria Lozano-Garcia

    MFL Assistant (Spanish)
  • Ulrike Maisch

    Ulrike Maisch

    MFL Assistant, German
  • Matthew Norman

    Matthew Norman

    Design & Technology Technician
  • Casey-Joe Rumens

    Casey-Joe Rumens

    Chapel Choir Director
  • Louise Stephens

    Louise Stephens

    Art Technician
  • Katrina Thompson

    Katrina Thompson

    Chemistry Technician
  • Eulalia White

    Eulalia White

    Lunchtime Supervisor



  • Chris Bullock

    Chris Bullock

    IT Helpdesk Engineer
  • Sandra Burton

    Sandra Burton

    Accounts Administrator
  • Jennie Doucy

    Jennie Doucy

    Marketing Assistant
  • Lauren Falla

    Lauren Falla

    HR Coordinator
  • Nikki Fallaize

    Nikki Fallaize

    IT Helpdesk Engineer
  • Kate Garnett

    Kate Garnett

    Librarian, School Counsellor (In Training)
  • Charlotte Glen

    Charlotte Glen

    School Receptionist
  • Roz Harris

    Roz Harris

    Assistant Librarian
  • Maya Herquin

    Maya Herquin

    IT Admin Assistant and Trips Support
  • Rachel Ingrouille

    Rachel Ingrouille

    Accounts Administrator
  • Joe Langlois

    Joe Langlois

    IT Manager
  • Sam Potter

    Sam Potter

    Principal's PA
  • Cheryl Roussel

    Cheryl Roussel

    School Secretary
  • Katie Sebire

    Katie Sebire

    Vice-Principal's PA & Academic Secretary
  • Katie Wallen

    Katie Wallen

    Finance Bursar
  • Ros Willard

    Ros Willard

    Bursar's Secretary
  • Sara Wright

    Sara Wright

    Foundation & Alumni Assistant


Estates & Maintenance

  • Paul Bruyere

    Paul Bruyere

  • Claire Eborall

    Claire Eborall

    Cleaning Team
  • Susan Eborall

    Susan Eborall

    Cleaning Team
  • Anete Gadzane

    Anete Gadzane

    Cleaning Team
  • Dzintars Gadzane

    Dzintars Gadzane

    Cleaning Team
  • Ana Luisa Lira Da Silva

    Ana Luisa Lira Da Silva

    Cleaning Team
  • Julian Morris

    Julian Morris

  • Jason Mroch

    Jason Mroch

    Maintenance Worker
  • Bruno Neves

    Bruno Neves

    Maintenance Team
  • Philip Roussel

    Philip Roussel

    Head Grounds Person
  • Marite Sembele

    Marite Sembele

    Cleaning Team
  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Maintenance Team
  • Carl Thomson

    Carl Thomson

    Caretaker, Cleaning Team
  • Martin Warner-Green

    Martin Warner-Green

    Estates Manager
  • Nick Windsor

    Nick Windsor




  • Silvia Bannier

    Silvia Bannier

    Catering Assistant
  • Susan Bartram

    Susan Bartram

    Catering Assistant
  • Nadine Clarke

    Nadine Clarke

    Catering Assistant
  • John Evanson

    John Evanson

    Catering Assistant
  • John Fleming

    John Fleming

    Chef Manager
  • Ashraf Halawa

    Ashraf Halawa

  • Trudy Le Gallic

    Trudy Le Gallic

    Catering Assistant
  • Jacqueline Roussel

    Jacqueline Roussel

    Catering Assistant
  • Alison Worman

    Alison Worman

    Catering Assistant