The Foundation

We are indebted to the ongoing support and generosity of the Elizabeth College community


The Elizabeth College Foundation was founded in 2006 specifically to help the College recognise, and consolidate, the tremendous support that the school enjoys from its extended community.

Since its creation, and through the generosity of its donors, the Foundation has played a vital role in supporting the College and creating life-changing educational opportunities.  The school is indebted to every one of those donors for the kindness and generosity they have shown.

The Foundation runs appeals approximately every five years and has had an enormous impact on the availability and quality of the facilities of the Elizabeth College Upper School and Junior School.

In 2019 the Foundation launched the Chance of a Lifetime Appeal with twin aims of securing the purchase of Perrot Court and establishing a new bursary scheme, to enable children from all walks of life in Guernsey, to have access to an Elizabeth College education.

The scale and success of the Foundation’s appeals are in part due to the generosity of a small number of significant donors. However, any gift can genuinely make a difference to the future of the College. It should be emphasised that all gifts to the Foundation are greatly appreciated.

You can read about our plans in our latest newsletter here.

Dot Carruthers, Foundation Director


The image above illustrates the major capital projects which have been made possible by individuals making donations to the Foundation. 


The Foundation is privileged to have the following distinguished individuals as its Patrons: the Bailiff, Richard McMahon, Sir Richard Collas (OE 5699), Bruce Parker (OE 4747) and Sir Geoffrey Rowland (OE 5603).

The Elizabeth College Foundation comprises both a Guernsey Registered Charitable Trust No. CH91 and a UK Registered Charity No. 1120954.

All fundraising is in accordance with the Elizabeth College Foundation Fundraising  Code of Practice.