Academic Overview


Teaching at Elizabeth College is focused on the learning experience of the students, enabling each student to be challenged and fulfilled in their studies. The teachers are subject experts and enthusiasts who seek to display an infectious intellectual curiosity. Excellent teaching and the setting of consistently high standards are key elements in this.

College aims to make the classroom environment stimulating, challenging and supportive in appropriate ways to all students, recognising their different talents and abilities. We do not believe that prior attainment is the only indicator of future attainment, subscribing to the power of a growth mindset. Students are not to rely on ‘talent’ or a perception of their own ‘ability’ as being fixed, but are to be encouraged to work hard, to practise lots, to learn well and to persevere in all their endeavours and so to improve.

By the time our students leave College to head off to university or into the world of work, it is our aim that they will be effective independent learners.

The classrooms, studios, workshops, laboratories and sports fields at Elizabeth College are filled day-in-day-out with students being stretched and challenged. It is an exciting environment in which to grow up, one with high expectations where success is noticed and celebrated at all levels.

Pupils' excellent commitment to success is strongly inspired because teachers set high expectations and consistently model highly positive attitudes to learning and achievement. ISI Inspection Report 2021